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Solar panels can be found in almost every home these days, as they’re an excellent sustainable energy source that is fantastic for the environment. Keeping your solar panels clean is essential in maintaining optimum efficiency. When you hire NorCal Solar Cleaning, you will receive the service your home deserves from our professional Roseville CA solar panel cleaning experts! We utilize pure water and industry-specific equipment to clean the panels safely for the most successful results. Our crew is committed to providing the highest quality work you can find and doing so with a professional approach. We will fully restore your solar panel’s efficiency with our expert cleaning technique, and your property’s aesthetic appeal will instantly increase!

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Solar Panel

Solar panels have several advantages for your home, budget, and the environment, but if you want to make the most of this investment, you’ll need to clean them at least twice a year professionally. When dust and dirt build-up on the solar panels, they absorb less sunlight, reducing efficiency and raising energy costs. Our solar panel cleaning service uses gentle cleaning methods to remove bird droppings, dirt, and grime from the solar panels without harming them.

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Exterior Window

A dirty window is one of the most significant factors that affects your home’s curb appeal. Dust, grime, and dirt can quickly accumulate on your windows, especially around the frame. Cleaning your windows necessitates the use of specialized cleansers and techniques to ensure a flawless end result. You no longer have to worry about climbing ladders and getting hurt because we clean your windows safely from the ground. Cleaning your windows professionally will also aid in the reduction of allergen problems caused by dust and debris.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We clean your solar panels with the best of care. We understand that using strong soaps and chemicals will harm your solar panels. Instead, we utilize water-fed poles with soft brushes attached to clean your solar panels gently but effectively using deionized pure water, leaving them spotless.

Because our Roseville CA solar panel cleaning service utilizes professional equipment for safety, we are able to clean up to three stories high, sometimes without ever leaving the ground. If required, our expert staff is trained to safely use a ladder and harness while on the roof. Consult with us about your home and cleaning needs and we will provide you with a cleaning plan that is right for you.

If you leave your solar panels uncleaned for a long time, grime will accumulate resulting in reduced performance. For the highest efficiency and dependable solar panel performance, we recommend cleaning your solar panels every six to twelve months using our professional Roseville CA Solar Panel Cleaning crew.

We provide the most affordable prices for Solar Panel Cleaning in Roseville CA, and we want to make it easy for our clients. We base our price on the number of solar panels that require cleaning. Get your free, customized, no-obligation quote by clicking our online quote form, or give us a call!

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